Tuesday, July 21, 2009

third batch for art-o-mat

I am sending off a third batch of art-o-mat boxes. The outside, like this pic above, is made with recycled boxes (cereal, tissue, supplies, etc.) and screen sprayed with metallic paints. I wanted to stay w/ the recycled boxes but continue to make abstract the color, forms, and shapes. The spray dots helped to make that happen.


Anonymous said...

I purchased one of your pieces at the Vision Gallery in Chandler, Arizona. IThe card with it has the number 3.51. I decided to display it on a silver chain draped over the side of a white lamp shade. When I decide to wear it as jewelry it will be ready to go. Art-O-Mat is such a fun concept. I chose your slot because lenticulars sounded contemporary. I was not disappointed.

Pam Campbell

hlowe said...

Hey, thanks for posting. It's nice to know where some of them landed!
I love the lamp shade idea.