Thursday, December 25, 2008

I received another art-o-mat green card, so I am finally posting the last batch of boxes I had sent them (completed last August.) See in the following entries.
Comments are welcome!

I believe both of these boxes contain the lenticular pictured below. This lenticular flips and the gardenia was from my mother's garden. The boxes have some collage work--painted gold on the raisin box, for example.
I like this one. I did very little with
the surface because the vinyl box
covering was nice and the 3D lenticular
just suits the Quaker.
Some fish fillet with filigree. A lenticular is inside.
Some corn flakes. Let me know if you got one.

These are continuing the recycled cereal, etc. boxes theme.
Some gold leaves and various collage pieces added on the surface.

Leave a comment if you purchased this box.